Downstairs WC

Tuesday 6th September 2016 at 14:22

Well for a long time the downstairs water closet was neglected by home owners and interior designers alike, however at Vintage French Lifestyle we feel very differently about this handy little extra room.

We feel that the WC should be a firm statement about who you are and your choice of style, after all everyone that enters your home, from the in-laws to the man from British Gas will probably visit this little room. Why, this may be the most important room in the house!

So give it a touch of glamour without a total refurb by simply changing boring old utilitarian mirrors with a statement mirror.

It can be vintage chic with a big frame or an all glass geometric shape, whatever suits your style.

It will make a massive difference to the look and leave your guest wondering what the rest of your house must be like, when your WC is so luxurious!