Brown is the new black.

Sunday 8th May 2016 at 12:08

Of course this opening statement isnt strictly true, however we are talking in terms of painted furniture. On the last couple of buying trips, we have found more and more stunning brown furniture that just seems too beautiful to paint.

I read an article published online by Homes and Antiques at the end of 2015 which had antique dealers predicting trends for 2016. One of the predictions was the come back of brown and the reduction in painted furniture. It was an intresting read, seeing what everyone had to say, and i must admit the forecast does seem to be coming into frutition.

We are all partial to a good old rummage around the local vintage shops and I have noticed an increase in some beautiful brown pieces. The only thing is that, it is all very well and good to leave a piece unpainted if it is in good condition, like the featured image of a lovely Louis XVI chest of drawers, however some pieces haven't always revieved the TLC they deserve. The other problem, is with modern homes, brown furniture can often swamp a room and make it appear a lot smaller as they lack in ceiling height thus darkening a room as opposed to making it lighter.

So it seems that brown may be making a come back, but we are still very much partial to a beautiful painted piece.

If only the spice girls would make a come back in the same way...